Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.


$15.00 Per Class or $50 Per Month

Tumbling & Stunts

Tumbling class will teach gymnastics to students at a very basic level. Movement coordination, group activities and a flexible format will give your young ones a chance to learn and have fun at it!

Students will learn the building blocks and technique to properly execute flips and tricks which can be incorporated into their martial arts training and forms.


$15.00 Per Class or $50 Per Month

Mommy & Me

Mom/Dads are you having a hard time trying to fit in your own "personal" time.  We know after having kids it can be hard to get motivated to get back in the work out mode, or even seem impossible to do it without a babysitter.  Well worry no more, because this class is for you.

Bring your little one to class while you train and relax knowing they can play freely while you workout, or better yet, they can learn right beside you!


$15.00 Per Class or $50 Per Month

High Intensity Fitness

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This class is 1.5
(30 minute  warm-up/cool-down period)

$25.00 Per Class or $80 Per Month

Recreational Martial Arts

Are you tired of competition regulated classes and fees?  Are you tired of all the fees of buying upgraded uniforms because you changed rank?  Well forget the uniforms and forget the ranks.  

This class is for those who wish to simply learn martial arts for your own enjoyment, fitness goals, and self defense needs.

No weapons or Sparring will be taught in this class

All ages accepted.


$20.00 Per Class or $75 Per Month

Mixed Martial Arts

Students will be required to purchase uniforms/belts, sparring gear, and weapons for this class.  

This class will include the education of mixed martial art styles, weapons, forms, tournament protocols, and demo team curriculum.


$25.00 Per Class or $80 Per Month

Family Class

We know that a family with multiple children have a hard time juggling everyone's individual schedules while maintaining a specific time to do things as one family.  So we have decided to offer a class that the whole family can take to together regardless of age or rank.

A family that has fun together stays fit together!

Three person family minimum requirement.

$40.00 Per Class or $130 Per Month

Bully Prevention and Self Defense

This class teaches your child how to handle themselves or their peers in moment of distress.  Each child learns how to stop an attacker, defend themselves, and seek help.  Best of all they earn self confidence and discipline!

30-45Minute Class

$12.00 Per Class or $40 Per Month

Self Defense & Stunts

Learn how to defend yourself in real world circumstances.  Learn how to disarm your attacker and flee for help.

This calss may incorporate stunts/tricls as a segment from time to time

Teens & Adults


$15.00 Per Class or $50 Per Month

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