Parents Night out

Every Month FIT FOR FILM teams up with Mrs. V's Playhouse and Studio V to host an event that gives Parents the chance to finally have a day to relax without having to worry about the kids!

Every month these events have an exciting new theme with literally non-stop games and entertainment!

Be Sure to follow our facebook pages where we post each of these events. 
Most Parent Night Out Events are scheduled around the major holidays, however this means one event might be at night or even a sleepover while others might be a day camp.

Don't miss out on the chance for your child(ren) to enter a world of imagination and create an experience of a lifetime!

These events are open to the public to any potty trained toddler on up to teens.  

All students/Members at FFF receive Discounts on all PNO Events

Black Belt Training Members:  %50 OFF

Basic Training:  %25 OFF
Skillz Fit:  %15 OFF
Premiere:  Free