Mrs. V - Head Instructor

Founder & Owner

Mrs. V has 20 years experience in mixed martial arts with several Undefeated Titles under her belt.  Her passion of martial arts quickly became more than a sport or hobby but a way of life.  As a child she quickly earned the right to assist as a student teacher being the youngest instructor in her school.  For many years she held seminars and demonstrations for school's to explain the scientific  and medical advantages that martial arts has on the human body.  

" I owe my life to the years of dedication and discipline I received from my martial arts training enhancing both my mental and physical health."

Mrs. V, an original South Carolinian, is an actor, singer, musician, martial artist, and photographer.

Her experience and education has spanned not only all facets of entertainment, but also business & management as well.  Mrs. V began training and working in the entertainment industry at the age of one, performing with her

family’s music ministry doing 150+ shows a year.  

She was cast as the Lead in her first movie at the age of 14.  And because of her advanced martial arts skills and exceptional acting abilities she quickly gained respect from the cast and crew  leading her to become the films stunt and martial arts choreographer.  Thus, marking the beginning of her professional career in the entertainment industry  as a martial arts stunt actor and choreographer.

By the age of 15 she was already working as a professional stills photographer for television and assisted in the costume and wardrobe departments as well.  

In college she continued her study in Communication, Broadcast Media, and Music.  

Her overall love for the fine arts and martial arts is what led her here today.  

The insights of her own entertainment career ultimately gave her the ability to form strong bonds with professionals in the field and form FFF,  an academy and agency that can provide on going training and working opportunities to her clients.  


Mrs. V is thrilled to bring this exciting chapter to her home town of Myrtle Beach while working with the region’s top industry names and talent.

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